Gets or sets a value of the Importer..::.MicrosoftAjaxLibraryVersion enum indicating which version of the Microsoft.Ajax.js library to import. If the CSO Gateway is used in conjunction with Microsoft Ajax, it might not be necessary to import the MicrosoftAjax.js file, so this attribute should be set to None. If the CSO Gateway is used alone this should be set to v1_0 or v3_5.

Namespace:  ca.metaobjects.csogateway.Controls
Assembly:  ca.metaobjects.csogateway (in ca.metaobjects.csogateway.dll) Version: (


public Importer..::.MicrosoftAjaxLibraryVersion MsAjaxLibraryVersion { get; set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property MsAjaxLibraryVersion As Importer..::.MicrosoftAjaxLibraryVersion
Visual C++
property Importer..::.MicrosoftAjaxLibraryVersion MsAjaxLibraryVersion {
	Importer..::.MicrosoftAjaxLibraryVersion get ();
	void set (Importer..::.MicrosoftAjaxLibraryVersion value);

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