Gets or sets the cso-compatible object from which the javascript value will be created.


It is not necessary to re-assign the server-side object on every post-back. The generated string of javascript code is store in the control state on the first request to the page. The assignment of the object can be put in an
block of code in the Page_Load method. If the server-side object changes and the changes need to be reflected on the client side, re-assign the object to this property. The control state will invalidated and the server-side object will be sent to the Object Gateway again.

Namespace:  ca.metaobjects.csogateway.Controls
Assembly:  ca.metaobjects.csogateway (in ca.metaobjects.csogateway.dll) Version: (


public Object SourceObject { get; set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property SourceObject As Object
Visual C++
property Object^ SourceObject {
	Object^ get ();
	void set (Object^ value);

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