Specifies various parameters affecting the creation of the cso-generated type for the class, the struct, the interface or the enum that this attribute is attached to. Attaching this attribute to a class, a struct, an interface or an enum states that it is cso-ready, i.e that a cso-generated type can be created for it. Enums are automatically cso-ready so it is not necessary to decorate an enum definition with this attribute unless some parameters needs to be specified.

Parameter name Type Affects Effect
clientSideNamespace string class, struct, interface enum Will set the namespace of the cso-generated type. This overrides whatever is declared in the configuration.
extensionUrl string class, struct, interface The javascript file located at the specified URL will automatically be imported on the client whenever the cso-generated type is imported. This overrides whatever is declared in the configuration.
ignoreBaseClass bool? class The Type Morpher will completely ignore the base class of the current type. As if the type had System.Object as its base class.

Namespace:  ca.metaobjects.csogateway
Assembly:  ca.metaobjects.csogateway (in ca.metaobjects.csogateway.dll) Version: (


public class CsoGeneratedTypeAttribute : Attribute
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class CsoGeneratedTypeAttribute _
	Inherits Attribute
Visual C++
public ref class CsoGeneratedTypeAttribute : public Attribute

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