Specifies that the value returned by the equivalent property in the cso-generated type can be used to produce hash codes for instances of that cso-generated type. When a cso-ready class or a cso-ready struct has one or more of its public properties decorated with this attribute, the cso-generated type implements the interface CsoGateway.Collections.ICsoHashProvider and an additional function is created: getCsoHashSource(). That function will returns an Array of the values of the properties that were decorated with the CsoHashSourceAttribute on the server side. The values in that Array are used by the CsoGateway.Collections.Hashing.Hash(object) to produce hashes for objects that implements CsoGateway.Collections.ICsoHashProvider.

Namespace:  ca.metaobjects.csogateway
Assembly:  ca.metaobjects.csogateway (in ca.metaobjects.csogateway.dll) Version: (


public class CsoHashSourceAttribute : Attribute
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class CsoHashSourceAttribute _
	Inherits Attribute
Visual C++
public ref class CsoHashSourceAttribute : public Attribute

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