Handles HTTP request made to the CSO Gateway to query the in-memory collection of cso-types.

The output of an HTTP request to this handler depends on the query string. This handler accepts only one key/value pair in the query string. The key is compared against a list of command names and the value is used to pass parameters to the command.

import ((#assembly-qualified name of type#)(#full name of cso-type#)) text/javascript Create cso-type is not created already. Return js code the cso-type.
view #full name of cso-type# text/html For debugging. Return js code of an existing cso-type.
reset all text/html Flushes all in-memory cso-types. Not thread-safe. For debugging only.

A request with the 'import' command will return a 'text/javascript' reponse containing the javascript code defining a cso-type. First, the handler will try to locate the cso-type with the given cso-type full name. If it is not found, it may be because it is a cso-generated type that has not been created and loaded in memory yet. Cso-generated types are created from types so an actual assembly-qualified name of a type is needed to created a cso-type. The given assembly-qualified name is passed to the System.Type.GetType(string) method. If a type is return and if the type is cso-ready, the cso-type is created by the Type Morpher and the javascript code defining it is written to the response.

A request with the 'view' command will return a text/html reponse containing the javascript code defining a cso-type. The cso-type must already be loaded in memory or an error message is returned. This is a debugging functionnaly that allows developper to see the source code of cso-type easily.

A request with the 'import' command and 'all' in as parameter will flush all loaded cso-type from the memory. This functionnality is not thread-safe and should only be used for debugging.

Namespace:  ca.metaobjects.csogateway
Assembly:  ca.metaobjects.csogateway (in ca.metaobjects.csogateway.dll) Version: (


public class ImporterHttpHandler : IHttpHandler
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class ImporterHttpHandler _
	Implements IHttpHandler
Visual C++
public ref class ImporterHttpHandler : IHttpHandler

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